To go to the beach you go right as you come out of Albatros. There is a short alley with restaurants and stores going to the beach.


Chairs, side tables and parasols can be rented on the beach for a day, a few days, a month. Everything is negotiable. If you take a drink in some places there is no charge for the chair.


Private teachers: there are a few teachers available in Cabarete.

Cabarete Language Institute is a school of languages located in Procab. Go on your right as you go out from Albatros. Take the first road to your right into Procab. There is a guardian at the gate who could show you where it is. It is on your right not far from the gate.


The caves of Cabarete are located at walking distance from Albatros. As you come out of the property you go on your left. You turn left at the first paved street going in the village behind Cabarete. The caves are located at the end of the street.


If you go on the beach to your right, there is a flame in front of a building. On one floor it is the usual disco bar and on the other floor there are latin dances. On the second floor of the building there is a dancing floor where you can dance under the stars. There are comfortable sofas around the dancing floor.

Drinks on the beach: there is a large selection of bars where to take a drink on the beach.


Thursday evening at 8:00 PM at the restaurant Pomodoro. On the alley going to the beach on your left by the beach.