Cabarete is a destination known for its sporting activities. If you want to take kite surfing classes or windsurfing classes, there are many schools on the beach. You can walk from a school to another and compare what they have to offer.

You can also rent sailboats, surfing boards and sea canoes.


There are a few ranches for horse riding. Usually they will come to pick you up in Cabarete. You can have horse riding arranged by a tour company in the village of Cabarete such as Iguana Mama or you can make your own arrangements with a ranch. Horse riding in the mountains and along rivers is more spectacular than on the beach. These are interesting ranches:

Nicogro (formerly Rancho Montana). Email:

– Rancho Luisa y Tommy. You can find them on Facebook or call 1-809-986-1985


If you want to go to the gym, the Sol Gym (formerly the Gold Gym) in Sosua Ocean Village is probably the best fitness center in the Dominican Republic. It is located on your right before arriving in Sosua. At the gate you say that you are going to the Gym. It is worth to get a one month membership. In addition to the latest models of equipment, there is a schedule of a variety of courses. gives very lively spinning classes on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday at 8:30 and 17:30 in the spinning studio located above Janets in Cabarete.